3 Warning Signs Politics Is Becoming Your Religion

In his classic work The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis writes from the perspective of a senior demon giving instructions to a less-experienced demon on how to get someone to reject their Christian faith. Screwtape, the senior demon, advises Wormwood, his nephew and the younger demon, on how to get “the patient” to turn from […]

The Most Expensive Cheesesteak in America and What to Do With Our Desires

Barclay Prime sells the most expensive cheesesteak in the U.S. While most cheesesteaks cost eight to ten bucks, this one sells for 120 dollars. The sandwich features A5 Wagyu beef, served on a sesame roll with truffle better, and topped with rich blend of Italian cheese. Some reviewers love it, claiming it is the best […]

Don’t Love a Good Thing Less

My heart, and yours, has a tendency to love other things more than God. We have a proclivity to cherish the blessings, the good things He gives, more than Him. To fight this, we sometimes decide to abandon the good things altogether. When confronted with our idolatry, we can convince ourselves we should love a […]

God’s Gracious Mocking

Because “the sorrows of those who take another god for themselves will multiply,” God is gracious to show us the futility of pursuing something other than Him. He is good if He mocks us in our attempts to find life outside of Him. Augustine captures this beautifully: I was still eagerly aspiring to honors, money, […]