A Tool for Framing and Executing Vision

Leaders carry the double burden of providing clear vision for the organization or ministry and then ensuring the plans to accomplish that vision are executed. Leadership is daunting because leaders must simultaneously cast a compelling vision for the future and enable execution today. These two frameworks placed alongside one another have helped me and teams […]

Christian Leader: Remember, You Are a Child Before You Are a Boss

We lose our power as Christian leaders when we think as “leaders of people” before we think as “children of God.” We must posture ourselves first as sons and daughters of God, not as rulers and bosses. If we lead others without following Him, we are not leading well and who knows where we are […]

2 Reasons Christian Leaders Can Take Risks (More Than Other Leaders Can)

I have often challenged leaders to be find seasons of being overwhelmed because you will only grow if you are overwhelmed and take risks – risks of taking on more responsibility or chasing after a big goal. This was true when you took your first steps as a toddler, when you boarded a bus or […]

Olympic Swimming, Excellence, and Your Mundane Week

As the Olympics are in full swing, swimming takes its every four years turn at being on the forefront of our collective sports’ attention. And it should. One of my favorite sports moments is the 2008 relay, in which the U.S. men’s swim team came from behind on the back of Jason Lezak’s incredible race […]