8 Reasons I Stopped Stressing About “Losing my Salvation” 

The question “Can I lose my salvation” is one of the biggest questions I wrestled with when I first became a Christian. I loved Jesus but still struggled with so many things and because I struggled with so many things, I wondered if my struggles would take me outside of God’s grace. I remember coming […]

Popeyes, Our Fascination With “New,” and the Exhaustion of Climbing

Because I grew up in the New Orleans area I grew up eating and loving Popeye’s Chicken (Popeyes started in New Orleans). As a kid, my parents would drive us by Al Copeland’s house at Christmas, the founder of Popeyes, because of the incredible Christmas lights he put up each year. My childhood nostalgia had […]

5 Ways You (and the People in your Church) Will Grow This Year

When God wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32), God won Jacob to Himself by making Himself weak. In His love for Jacob, He withheld His power as even a slight touch to Jacob’s hip dislocated it. God has won us to Himself through weakness too. He emptied Himself, took on human flesh, and submitted Himself to […]

3 Huge Downsides to a Busy Church

Adrian Rogers was perhaps the first preacher to coin the phrase, “If Satan can’t make you bad, he will make you busy,” but many others have echoed the pithy statement. And for good reason. Pastors have seen the numbing effect of busyness on the people they serve. Busyness can harden our hearts as we work […]

5 Amazing Rhetorical Questions to Preach to Yourself

There are questions that are not really questions, but statements masked asked questions. For example, When Kaye has said to me, “Are you going to wear that?” it has not really been a question. When you are at lunch with ultra-healthy friend and you order a double patty burger and they order a kale salad […]

Who Are These Christians?

The early church experienced favor among people in the broader culture (Acts 2:47). As they met together and cared for one another (Acts 2:44-46), the world took notice. John MacArthur, in his commentary on Acts, states, “Some of the reasons the early church found favor with the common people can be discerned from the apology […]