Church Is Not a Product to Evaluate; It Is a Community to Participate In

When we moved our worship services exclusively online early in the pandemic, I did not know what to do with myself during the weekend services. I had already preached the message to a camera, so I found Saturday nights and Sunday mornings a bit torturous – wondering if I should have said something differently, if […]

6 Surprises About Church Gathering Again

Our church was not the first in our county (and definitely not in the country) to start holding worship gatherings again, and I am thankful for those who began worship gatherings before us as we were able to learn some lessons from them. But as we have begun outdoor gatherings, I am getting emails and […]

3 Negative Implications of Shrinking Pastoral Honeymoons

After Kaye and I announced we were getting married nearly 22 years ago, a common question was “Where are you going on your honeymoon?” It was a common question because people believe it is important for a couple to enjoy some time together and not just jump into the fast pace of life immediately after […]

4 Reasons Why Pastoral Honeymoons Are Shrinking

In the last several years, I have had many conversations with pastors who have expressed surprise over how short “the honeymoon” period was at their new church. At first I thought that maybe it was a few isolated cases, but I have been hearing it continually for several years. All of these pastors had served […]

The Bottom-Line of Church Ministry

The reason Jesus left His disciples on the planet was to make other disciples. The fundamental reason your church exists is to make disciples of Jesus. To the church at Colossae, the apostle Paul wrote a defining statement about his ministry to the church. “I have become its (the church’s) servant, according to God’s administration […]