2 Reasons to Treat Your Best Staff like Volunteers

The most effective leaders can lead volunteers because their leadership is bigger than providing a paycheck and perks. The most effective leaders are transformational, not merely transactional. They offer a compelling mission not merely a job. They provide a sense of belonging not merely a list of benefits. Volunteers are led with something much deeper […]

4 Reasons Superstars Hurt Local Church Ministry

You have heard the statement “A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.” In terms of building a sports team, the cliché challenges leaders to be concerned with the weakest player on the team, to be concerned with raising their skill. Some coaches and leaders live like this is true and focus their […]

3 Truths about Leaders Who Add the Most Value to a Church Staff

In his bestselling book, The 80/20 Principle, Richard Koch builds the case that the majority of impact comes from a few actions – that 20% of activity results in 80% of the impact. And while it may sound ruthless, Koch applies this thinking to people as well. He argues, “a few people add the most […]

Having a Ministry Strategy Means Saying “No”

Michael Porter is a Harvard business school professor, consultant, author, and leading authority on strategy. Porter’s view of strategy, according to Harvard associate Joan Margetta, contains five essential beliefs. I am taking some liberty to restate and contextualize Porter’s views on strategy for a ministry context. If Michael Porter were to consult with you, perhaps […]

Two Opposite Errors Committed by Church Staff

If you lead a ministry (kids, students, groups, connections, worship, etc.) in a local church, you are given responsibility for a significant ministry in the church, and yet you are also part of a larger body of believers. You steward a part of the whole, and in this, you must care deeply for that which […]

5 Thoughts to the Staff at a Growing Church

Last week I spent some time on a Skype call with a staff at a church that was planted several years ago and has grown to more than 1500 in attendance. The Lord has done and is doing a great work through the pastors and staff. I shared with the team these five thoughts about […]