Pressure Exposes and Develops Character and Competence

When a ministry or organization experiences growth there is simultaneously an exposing and developing of character and competence. The pressure of caring well for more people, the stress of new problems, and the weight of new decisions both exposes and develops. In the same way, when a ministry or organization experiences a challenging season there […]

4 Practical Reasons Character Must Trump Competence

When Jethro confronted Moses for foolishly attempting to do his work alone, he encouraged Moses to develop leaders, to build a team of people around him. According to Exodus 18:21, those Moses invited to join him were to be: Able God-fearing Trustworthy Hating a bribe Look at the list above and notice which characteristics speak […]

What is the Return on Character? (An Interview With Author Dr. Fred Kiel)

People long for their leaders to be men and women of character, to be people of integrity. Researchers and leadership authors continually contend that the best leaders are those who love and care for those they lead. But does character impact results? Is there a return on character? People often measure ROI (return on investment), […]

Four C’s of Building a Team

A wise leader obsesses over having the right players on the team. A team filled with the right players is exponentially more effective than a team filled with the wrong players. Whether hiring employees or recruiting volunteers, I find it helpful to have a general framework from which you view potential team members. Two of […]