Leaders—Go Forth and Die

Robert Quinn, a leadership professor at the University of Michigan, has joined others in pointing out that the origin of the word “leader” means to “go forth and die.” In his book Change the World, he writes: Leadership authors do not understand that leadership means “Go forth to die.” If they did understand it, they […]

He Is Still Alive

Yesterday was awesome. People gathered in churches to celebrate that Jesus is alive, that sin and death no longer claim us. He has saved us, freed us, and one day He will raise us to everlasting life. Many churches saw an increase in attendance yesterday, and though there were a lot of guests, most major […]

4 Reflections from a Funeral

I have been to several funerals in the last few months including that of a local pastor, a friend from college, and last Wednesday we celebrated my father-in-law’s life and mourned his death. I spoke for a few minutes at the funeral about Mr. Billy as a father, as a man, and as a Christian. […]

Buy a Cemetery Plot Next to a Famous Person

I learned of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery reading Tim Chaddick’s book Better, written on the Book of Ecclesiastes. Chaddick, who pastors in LA, drives by the Hollywood Forever Cemetery regularly. Out of curiosity, I wondered how much a plot would cost. With a few clicks on the Internet, I discovered there is a market for […]