Ten Differences Between Delegating and Dumpster Leadership

Dumpster leadership is similar to driving to a dumpster and quickly unloading all the things in your car that you don’t want, things you never want to see again. After emptying your trunk or the bed of your truck, you wash your hands and move on. Dumpster leadership hands tasks to others without a heart […]

3 Things the Leader Must Not Delegate

Earlier this week, I wrote a quick post on the difference between delegating and dumping. I noted that delegating differs from dumping in that the leader is still available, still engaged with the heart, and deeply concerned with who receives the delegated responsibility. A wise leader delegates and an effective one delegates well. But there […]

Delegating or Dumping?

A wise leader delegates both responsibility and authority to others. Doing so broadens the reach of the organization or ministry and helps develop the people within it. In Exodus 18, Moses was confronted by his father-in-law (seldom an enjoyable experience) because of his unhealthy approach to leadership. Moses was feeling the burden and the weight […]