Four Common Ministry Errors That Leaders Make

You have likely observed two common and opposite errors in relation to physical fitness and health—neglect or obsession. Neglect often looks like minimal exercise, eating to relieve stress, and ignoring the neglect you know is occurring. Obsession often looks like being unable to enjoy a meal because you are so consumed with counting the macros, […]

Research on Why Christians Should Be the Most Grateful People

Robert Emmons is a professor and psychologist at UC Davis who has led multiple research projects on gratitude. For example, he led one study in which people were placed in three groups and asked to write sentences based on their experiences each week. The first group wrote down what they were thankful for The second […]

3 Ways Busyness Hurts People and Churches

There was a famous research experiment conducted by two Princeton psychology professors that shows the harm busyness does to our priorities and our focus. Because the experiment was conducted on seminary students, it is very applicable to ministry leaders and churches. The year was 1973. John Darely and Daniel Batson were the professors. Three groupings […]

5 Ways You (and the People in your Church) Will Grow This Year

When God wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32), God won Jacob to Himself by making Himself weak. In His love for Jacob, He withheld His power as even a slight touch to Jacob’s hip dislocated it. God has won us to Himself through weakness too. He emptied Himself, took on human flesh, and submitted Himself to […]

3 Reasons Some Church Leaders Focus on ½ of the Great Commission

Unlike business leaders who are responsible to define the mission of their organizations, church leaders don’t have that freedom or carry that burden. We have already received our mission. Jesus’ words to His disciples, often called the Great Commission, is our mission: Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the […]

5 Amazing Rhetorical Questions to Preach to Yourself

There are questions that are not really questions, but statements masked asked questions. For example, When Kaye has said to me, “Are you going to wear that?” it has not really been a question. When you are at lunch with ultra-healthy friend and you order a double patty burger and they order a kale salad […]

2 Things to Remember About Living by Faith in Our Hard-Working World

We live in a world that values hard work, achievement, and success. Most of us have experienced the pressure to perform. Have you ever: …practiced and practiced more to earn the starting position on the team (because you’re easily replaceable)? …studied hard enough to land at a reputable University (because how else will you land […]

5 Ways to Grow your Leadership Team’s Heart for your Church’s Mission

Every leader needs a compass in their head. The mission answers “Question Zero”: “What are we ultimately supposed to be doing?” It makes the overall direction of the church unquestionable and points everyone in that direction. The mission is a golden thread that weaves through every activity of the church. It brings greater meaning to […]

5 More Learnings From Serving the Church as I Go Back to the Church

As I have transitioned out of a role that served tens of thousands of churches a year and back to the local church, leaders have asked me what lessons I am taking with me. “What learnings from serving many churches are you taking with you as you go back to serving one church?” The first […]