4 Voices About the Power of the Word in Our Lives and Churches

Earlier this week I was sharing some stories of transformation I am aware of taking place in our church. And those stories are connected to people who are new to the faith spending time in the Scripture. As we talked, we reflected on the reality that the Word does a work on us. The Word […]

2 Ways Leaders Should Learn from Their Experiences

Leaders who care about their own personal development are like sponges to an array of resources in order to acquire new knowledge and skills. They will read books, consider continuing education, attend conferences, and scour articles that have been sent to them by their leaders. While these are important and can be very helpful, nothing […]

Experiences Not Toys

Today I am taking Eden (our oldest) on her first trip to New York City. She wants to see The Lion King. During our short visit, we will also take a carriage ride in Central Park, visit several toy stores (no purchases), and enjoy several meals together – including one at a famous Peanut Butter […]