6 Ways to Attack Viruses That Destroy Leaders

I shared yesterday how Steve Graves recently challenged my leadership team with six viruses that commonly take leaders down. Steve continued to give us solid insight on how to fight and attack the viruses that can corrupt a leader’s heart. While the counsel he gave is simple, we often over-complicate defeating sin and guarding our […]

6 Dangerous Viruses That Take Leaders Down

A few weeks ago I asked Steve Graves to speak to my leadership team at LifeWay about leading ourselves, caring for our own souls, and doing all we can, by God’s grace, to continue. The following comes from his challenge, which was very good and very helpful to our team. Not all viruses have the […]

5 Ways to Lose Your Ministry

It is deeply tragic when ministry leaders lose their ministry, when sin sidelines them for a season. Not only is it painful for the leader, but also it is painful for the people who have been impacted and influenced through their leadership. Because sin is always crouching at the door and because Satan prowls around […]

How to (Re)gain Your Leader’s Trust

If you attempt great things, you will experience moments of failure and disappointment. You will make mistakes. Your plans will not always go as they were mapped out to go. Life will mess with your best plans. As Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” In some […]

Digging in the Wrong Hole

For years, generations of people have wondered how Stonehenge became Stonehenge. How did these massive stones end up where they are? One theory is that the stones were moved from one of the Preseli Hills—150 miles away. To learn as much as possible about the stones and life surrounding them, archeologists have been digging on […]