3 Benefits of Launching New Groups

Every Fall churches across the country gear up to kick off a new season of small groups (or Sunday school classes, life groups, etc.). While many agree that these groups and classes are an important part of their church’s ministry, we often fail to realize the importance of new groups in light of a church’s […]

Managing the Downside of Your Groups Approach

There has been ample debate on the approach a church takes to their small groups. Should the groups be “open” or “closed”? Should the groups meet on-campus or off-campus? I rejoice that the discussions take place because this means pastors and ministry leaders are wrestling with how to help people live in biblical community. At […]

I Don’t Need Church; I Worship Him Alone

Perhaps you have heard someone say something like, “I love God but I’m not really into church.” Or “I don’t need to go to church to worship God; it’s more of a private thing for me.” There’s a common misconception, a common misunderstanding, that our faith is private. There’s confusion between a private faith and […]

Participation, Not Association

When I fly on an airplane, I am associated with the people next to me. We are in close proximity to each other. We are on the same flight, experience the same bumps, the same views, and the same food. But despite having the same experience and being next to one another, we are not […]