Don’t Paint the Lawn

Multiple summers I have come home from vacation to massive spots in my lawn that are completely parched. I am not referring to small spots that can be corrected with a few patches of grass; I mean embarrassingly ruined sections of my lawn. One summer evening, after staring at dead patches in my yard, I […]

Focus: The One Thing I Do

Focus is the commitment to abandon everything that falls outside of the simple ministry process. Focus most often means saying “no.” Focus requires saying “yes” to the best and “no” to everything else. While movement is the most difficult simple church element to understand, focus is also the most difficult element to implement. It takes […]

Dieting and Church Strategy

There are many different diet strategies that work. For example, one person may use the Weight Watcher program—counting calories and increasing fruit and vegetable intake—and see great results. Another person may go the low-carb route, an entirely different approach, and also see great results. The key, of course, is picking a strategy and sticking with […]

The Four Disciplines of Getting Things Done – Part One

A great strategy without execution is merely wishful thinking, a dream on paper that is never translated into real life. I have found that many leaders, organizations, and ministries struggle with execution, with actually getting things done. The book Four Disciplines of Execution has provided a sticky mental framework for me on leading teams to […]