One Thing We Know For Sure Is God’s Will for You…

Pastors are often asked questions about God’s will for a particular decision someone is facing. “How do I know which job is God’s will for me?” Or which relationship? Or which city to live in? Often I do not know the answer to a question about God’s will in a specific situation, but I can […]

Doing God’s Will > Discovering God’s Will

We can get so caught up in discovering God’s will, but the emphasis in the Scripture is doing His will. Jesus declared that His food was “to do the will” of the One who sent Him (John 4:34). Waking up each day with the intent to “do” His will is far more liberating and satisfying […]

A Liberating Verse About God’s Will

Because we don’t want to get this one life wrong, Christians ask a lot of questions about God’s will. More than any other time in history of Christianity, this is a popular topic. There was a time that if you grew up in a town as the son of a fisherman, you became a fisherman […]