3 Reminders about Grace and Truth After Teaching on “Challenging Topics” 

I recently concluded a teaching series at our church called On the Table, where we put major questions Christians are often asked on the table. Some of the questions felt more theological such as “How can we trust the Bible?” and “Is Jesus the only way?” Some of the questions felt more cultural such as […]

A Tale of Two Pandemics (And Being Compassionate About Both)

The definition of a pandemic, according to the dictionary, is a “disease that occurs over a wide geographic area.” CoVid clearly meets that definition as the virus has spread across the globe, and over 200,000 people in the US have died. And as we all have recognized, CoVid is not the only struggle that people […]

Why You Should Stare at the Ocean This Summer

Kaye pokes fun of me for the number of sunset pictures and beach picture I take on vacation. And if it is a sunset on a beach, then watch out! The sound of the waves, the feeling of sand beneath your feet, the smell of fresh salty air, the way to sun reflects off the […]

5 Ways Grace Must Impact Leadership

Believers who lead in the marketplace or in a ministry environment should be different leaders all together, meaning, being a Christian leader must be more than having a Bible in your office or praying before a meeting. If you are a Christian and a leader, the grace you have received should impact the totality of […]

4 Ways Hurting People Help People

A popular cliché, and one I have used, is “hurting people hurt people.” It is often true. People who are in deep pain can lash out at others. People who struggle with insecurity can pull others down in an attempt to elevate themselves. People filled with bitterness over how they were mistreated can bitterly mistreat […]

Persecution for the Children of Promise

Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise. But just as then the child born according to the flesh persecuted the one born according to the Spirit, so also now. But what does the Scripture say? Drive out the slave and her son, for the son of the slave will never be a coheir with the son […]

3 Miseries of Legalism

Legalism is attempting to earn God’s approval with our works. It is man’s attempt to qualify himself to stand before God on his own merits. We are recovering legalists, for there was a time, before Christ rescued us, when we attempted to find our joy in ourselves, our salvation by ourselves. Now we trust His […]

Robin Williams and Holy Repetition

Since Robin Williams’ tragic death, many have remembered his greatest acting scenes. Williams was an incredibly gifted actor who entertained, provoked, and challenged us with his craft. We laughed, cried, and reflected. Many have pointed to a scene in the movie Good Will Hunting as one of his greatest. In the scene, Will Hunting, played […]

Changing by Adding

The statement, “I love my wife” is completely changed if something is added to the end of the statement. For example, “I love my wife” is a very different message than “I love my wife when she cooks my favorite meal.” Adding “when they behave” radically alters the statement “I love my daughters.” Addition radically […]

Bunyan and Grace

Recently Darrin Patrick preached at our chapel at LifeWay. His message from Galatians 5 was both powerful and helpful, and I am grateful for Darrin. He shared a fascinating story about John Bunyan, pastor and author of The Pilgrim’s Progress. Bunyan continually preached grace, constantly reminding people that Jesus’ perfect obedience was theirs, that His […]