Why You Should Get Overwhelmed in 2019

In his book Antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb distinguishes between fragile, resistant, and “antifragile” – a word he coins because there has not been a word to capture the opposite of fragility. Some things are fragile and break easily. Others are resistant and robust and are able to withstand pressure. But things that are “antifragile” don’t […]

5 More Learnings From Serving the Church as I Go Back to the Church

As I have transitioned out of a role that served tens of thousands of churches a year and back to the local church, leaders have asked me what lessons I am taking with me. “What learnings from serving many churches are you taking with you as you go back to serving one church?” The first […]

5 Thoughts to the Staff at a Growing Church

Last week I spent some time on a Skype call with a staff at a church that was planted several years ago and has grown to more than 1500 in attendance. The Lord has done and is doing a great work through the pastors and staff. I shared with the team these five thoughts about […]

2 Ways to Help a Church Embrace Her Fragility

As I shared recently, even healthy churches are more fragile than we often realize. The fragility of a local church is intentional because God does not need any of us, or a collection of any of us, to accomplish His purposes. In His grace, He invites us to join Him—but He does not need us. […]