6 of the Best Pieces of Hiring Advice I Have Received

Leading a team is one of the biggest privileges a leader has. You are able to cultivate a culture through the people you place in significant roles, and you are able to serve others alongside the team you serve alongside. Leading a team is also a massive responsibility. You steward the time and energy of […]

2 Views on Hiring Friends

Should you hire a friend to work for you? If you are sitting among a group of leaders and that question is posed, you get a variety of responses, each with a heavy dose of passion. “Don’t hire anyone you can’t let go.” “Life is too short to serve alongside people you don’t like. So, […]

3 Warning Signs of an Exaggerated Resume

If you are responsible for building and leading a team, you have looked at resumes. The number of resumes submitted for a particular role can be overwhelming. Typically leaders make a first pass, or rely on someone else to make a first pass, to toss some resumes to simply narrow the number down to a […]

4 Reasons I Believe “Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly”

If you are responsible for leading a group of people, you know how important building a team is. The people on the team form the culture and fulfill the mission you have embraced. Just as the flavor of soup changes with each ingredient, each new team member changes the collective flavor of a team. If […]

Three Essentials in Evaluating Chemistry During an Interview

Zappos famously guards their culture. Because they know each person brought on the team will either contribute to or corrode a healthy culture, they pay people not to accept a job after going through orientation. Even if a person is talented, they don’t want the person to stay if the person does not believe in […]

Two Common Hiring Mistakes Churches Make

Every hire is a risk. Every time I have hired someone or have been hired, there was a risk involved. Some argue that proven track records eliminate the risk, but in reality a great history only minimizes the risk. Even when hiring someone who has a proven track record, it is hard to separate the […]