The Great Resignation and 3 Reminders for Leaders

If you search the phrase “Great Resignation” online, you will see a myriad of articles about the reality that people are leaving their jobs at a staggering rate. The stats are unprecedented: 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September, 73% of Americans are considering quitting their job right now, 50% of Americans want to […]

2 Views on Hiring from Inside/Outside

A role is open on your team. Is your first inclination to hire from outside your organization or to hire from within? Most leaders have a default position on this issue, where their mind initially goes. They either tend to think first about hiring someone from within or they think first about what type of […]

One Leader on 5 Traits to Look for When Hiring/Promoting

There are many helpful hiring frameworks, tools that help a leader find the right people. For a long time, I (and many others) have used a version of the four C’s: Character, Competence, Chemistry, and Capacity. I enjoy reading and learning from what other leaders look for when they bring people onto their teams. In […]

3 Warning Signs of an Exaggerated Resume

If you are responsible for building and leading a team, you have looked at resumes. The number of resumes submitted for a particular role can be overwhelming. Typically leaders make a first pass, or rely on someone else to make a first pass, to toss some resumes to simply narrow the number down to a […]

4 Reasons I Believe “Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly”

If you are responsible for leading a group of people, you know how important building a team is. The people on the team form the culture and fulfill the mission you have embraced. Just as the flavor of soup changes with each ingredient, each new team member changes the collective flavor of a team. If […]

Theology of Staffing

Pastor David is perpetually frustrated, and he is self-aware enough to know it. As his church is growing, it seems he is always overwhelmed with details, dropped balls, and urgent discussions and decisions. In response, he is about to hire another part-time staff member. He thinks, If I can just get another body on my […]