The Practical Wisdom of Brother James on Addressing Our Anger

There is a gripping scene in the famous dystopian novel, 1984, written by George Orwell. There is a daily practice called “Two Minutes of Hate,” where people gather around screens, watching a video that causes them to be angry, have their rage stirred, and yell at the screen. The book 1984 was released in 1949 […]

How to Humble Someone on Your Team (and Yourself Too)

How does a leader help an arrogant team member learn humility? How can a leader help someone on the team walk in humility rather than pride? It is a common leadership question because the leader knows that others don’t enjoy working alongside arrogance and that pride and hubris corrode trust. In his book, Leadership Strategy […]

4 Types of Leaders and Leadership that Thinks Big and Acts Small 

Some leaders seem to think small and act big. There is not a large vision that captivates them, grand plans that motivate them, or an overwhelming sense of awe for the opportunity in front of them. Yet at the same time they seem to act big. They hold tightly to their positions, enjoying that others […]

One Thing Church and Marketplace Leaders Can Learn from Each Other

Last Friday I spoke for my friend John Townsend at a leadership event he hosted for leaders in his network. After my presentation, I fielded some questions for a few moments and was asked (I am paraphrasing), “Because you have led in both marketplace and local church contexts, what is one thing you think those […]

What You Say About Your Predecessor Says More About You

Leaders who bash their predecessors, either overtly or subtly, are speaking much louder about themselves than they are speaking about their predecessors. It is a common occurrence, sadly, in leadership. You have likely seen it. A new leader arrives and starts to speak poorly about the past, even about the leader of the past. Perhaps […]

5 Ways You (and the People in your Church) Will Grow This Year

When God wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32), God won Jacob to Himself by making Himself weak. In His love for Jacob, He withheld His power as even a slight touch to Jacob’s hip dislocated it. God has won us to Himself through weakness too. He emptied Himself, took on human flesh, and submitted Himself to […]

5 Differences Between a Critical Mind and a Critical Spirit

There is a massive difference between a critical mind and a critical spirit. The former builds up; the latter tears down. Having a critical mind is a terrific thing. It results in healthy self-reflection, learning, and evaluating the why beneath everything one does. Having a critical spirit is a terrible thing. It results in pushing […]

God’s Desire for One-Percenters

When I was in high school I so badly wanted to be tall. We had a couple guys on our high school basketball team that were 6’5” or taller, and I envied them. They could dunk easily. They were more imposing defensively than me. I asked God to make me taller and He did not. […]

4 Postures Leaders Long for on Their Teams (and Leaders Must Be for Their Teams)

I often hear leaders brag about people on their leadership teams, people they love serving alongside, people they hope never leave. I have recently thought about the most recurring themes or attributes that leaders long for on their teams – postures or approaches that people take towards their roles and organization or ministry they serve. […]

The Untruth of “There Is Truth in Every Criticism”

You have likely heard the cliché, “there is a grain of truth in every criticism.” It is usually offered to leaders as an encouragement to look for some truth in every criticism they face, to carefully evaluate themselves in the light of what someone has said about them, a decision they have made, or an […]