4 Types of Leaders and Leadership that Thinks Big and Acts Small 

Some leaders seem to think small and act big. There is not a large vision that captivates them, grand plans that motivate them, or an overwhelming sense of awe for the opportunity in front of them. Yet at the same time they seem to act big. They hold tightly to their positions, enjoying that others […]

4 Possible Reasons Team Members “Over-Quote the Leader”

Over-quoting the leader is a common practice in organizational life. Here are some examples you have surely seen: You are at a meeting at your kid’s school. A teacher stands up and says, “The district says we need to talk about this.” Or “our principal is asking us to talk about …” Immediately you get […]

4 Signals of Insecurity on Your Team (and in You)

Insecure leaders are never as effective as they could be. Insecurity crushes leadership development, stifles honest conversations, creates a lack of clarity, and fosters a no-risk culture. The good news for Christians is that we don’t have to live in insecurity. Christ has already secured us. We are His sons and daughters, adopted into His […]

4 Painful Results of Insecure Leadership

Insecurity must not be confused with humility. Insecurity, like pride, is a focus on your self. Humility comes when you have a proper view of yourself in light of the Lord who is holy and above all. Humility comes from understanding that we are not God but we are loved by Him. When leaders lead […]

5 Ways Insecurity Damages the Team

Insecurity can plague leaders because leaders are constantly evaluated and continually carry the burden of responsibilities. While it is natural for leaders to struggle with insecurity, leaders who live in insecurity bring great damage to the people they are supposed to be serving. While there are varying degrees of damage, insecurity leaves a wake of […]

5 Thoughts on Leaders and Insecurity

I recently preached a sermon on the struggle and destruction of pride. Afterwards a man in the church joked with me that he “never, ever, ever struggles with pride because humility is something he has personally mastered.” Clearly our struggle with pride is real and consistent. In the same way, leaders often wrestle with insecurity […]

7 Reasons a Leader Feels Insecure

The following comes from Pastor Johnny Hunt. Johnny M. Hunt is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ga., and author of several books, including Building Your Leadership Resume. Since my mid-twenties, Pastor Johnny has been a role model and encourager to me. He loves the Church and loves pastors. I am grateful for his faithfulness, […]

2 Barriers to Empowering Leaders

As the leader you are not the most qualified person on your team for every decision, every initiative, or every aspect of the team’s collective work. There are others the Lord has placed on the team who are more uniquely gifted and prepared to lead specific functions. For example, the senior pastor may not be […]