Leaders and Smoking What You Sell

Drug dealers typically sell to others what they do not use. Lyrics have captured this: “to be a dope man you must qualify, don’t get high off your own supply.” Some believe this is smart and savvy, not only to avoid the damages of drugs but also to maximize profits. Others believe this is the […]

The Cure for Dysfunctional Families

Some Christians long for “the good ole days” when family values were celebrated in our culture. We complain about the shows on TV and wish there were more sitcoms focused on the perfect lives of nuclear families, whose problems can be resolved in thirty minutes or less. But the truth is families have always been sinful and dysfunctional. Because of sin, families have always shifted blame, reversed roles, and rebelled against God. It was true after the Fall, and it is still true today. Parents and the teenagers they parent both know this to be true.

The Importance of Integrity in the Small Things

Rosie Ruiz won the 1980 Boston Marathon in the women’s category. And she held that title for eight days until it was determined that she had not run the entire 26.2 miles. In fact, it is likely that she ran only a half-mile after jumping onto the course. None of the other runners remembered seeing […]

3 Indicators of Integrity Lapses in Leaders

Integrity. It is a powerful word. It is used to describe people whose private lives match their public lives, whose actions match their words, who live honorably and humbly. Rightfully so, we long for our leaders to be filled with integrity. For more than twenty years, people have used The Perceived Leader Integrity Scale as […]

4 Leadership Traits the World Needs

What impact does integrity have on a leader’s performance? Does a leader’s character impact the organization the leader is leading? According to recent research conducted by KRW International, CEOs noted for their integrity led their organizations to higher levels of performance than those CEOs with lower integrity scores. * Employees were asked to rate their […]

3 Things a Lack of Integrity Kills

When the apostle Paul challenged Timothy to expand the ministry and hand responsibilities over to others, he emphasized character over competence. He didn’t diminish competence, but he started with integrity and faithfulness. Notice the order of the language of this often-quoted verse: The things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses […]