Our Dog Roscoe, John Stott, and the Hound of Heaven

John Stott had a massive impact on the church I am honored to pastor. He was Kenton’s, our pastor emeritus, mentor—even staying at his house several times when he visited. Our doctrinal positions have been very much influenced by Stott. In his classic work Why I Am a Christian, Stott wrote: Why I am a […]

What John Stott Has Said About the Social Justice Debate

I am constantly living vicariously through the stories Kenton Beshore tells me about his time with John Stott. Kenton, my predecessor and the pastor emeritus at Mariners Church, was mentored by Stott. While I have Stott’s books on my shelves, Kenton has pictures of him and Stott together. While I quote Stott’s books, Kenton showed […]

Don’t Return to the Corpse

According to Galatians 5, there is an ongoing and internal battle occurring in believers. The Lord has graciously caused His Spirit to live in our hearts, yet at the same time, we are still plagued with our flesh, our unredeemed humanness. And though in our inner being we desire Him and His ways, our flesh […]