A Sobering Reality Leaders Must Recognize

Leaders have major impact on the teams and organizations they lead. Their leadership impacts the direction and the future. Their leadership attracts the type of people who will join the team, and greatly influences the culture. Even the expressions and mannerisms of leaders are often picked up by others throughout the organization. Leaders have a […]

Four Idols That Kill Leadership Development

The fruit of a leader must be another leader as leaders are ultimately the ones responsible for the development of other leaders. From a Christian vantage point, the kingdom of God has multiplied as Christian leaders have developed and deployed others to make disciples and raise up new leaders. Leaders have been given the holy […]

5 Ways to Say “Thanks” as a Leader (without a pay increase)

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between the two, the leader must become a servant and a debtor. ~ Max Depree Leaders must define reality, create urgency, and guide teams in a direction. But leaders must also say, “thank you.” They must continually express […]

A Challenge to Young Leaders

Earlier this week I pointed out that there are fewer leaders who meet the typical “leadership profile” for positions such as senior pastor. From a practical and purely demographic vantage point, there are fewer people in Generation X than the preceding Boomer generation, so there are currently less available leaders in the often sought-after 35-50 […]

4 Root Idols That Corrupt Leaders

Often when one thinks of idolatry, images of manmade objects that people bow before come to mind. But idols of the heart are as offensive and destructive as idols of the hands. Things we set up as gods in our hearts are idols, and they determine and drive how we live. Martin Luther said, “Under […]

Why the Church Should Excel in Developing Leaders

In a local community, no other gathering of people or institution should outpace the church at forming and developing leaders because no other collection or gathering of people has a greater mission, a greater promise, and a greater reward. No greater mission Today, even as you read this, leaders are being recruited. There are meetings […]

The Role of Leadership

For a simple process to become a part of the culture of the church, it first must be woven into the leadership culture. The discussion must begin with the leadership of the church. The simple process must become part of their vocabulary. It must roll off their tongues with ease. It must make its way […]