Why We Are Working More Now and the Upside/Downside of Templates  

A common discussion among pastors in this season centers around the counter-intuitive bewilderment that we can be working more hours in the midst of not having physical gatherings. If you had told me that we would go months without having physical worship services, I would not have imagined I would be working more. But every […]

Ten Differences Between Delegating and Dumpster Leadership

Dumpster leadership is similar to driving to a dumpster and quickly unloading all the things in your car that you don’t want, things you never want to see again. After emptying your trunk or the bed of your truck, you wash your hands and move on. Dumpster leadership hands tasks to others without a heart […]

Four Ways to Adjust Your Leadership Style to Fit Your Team

Great leaders are servants of those they lead. Because each person on a leadership team is unique, wise leaders lead each person differently. Instead of insisting that every person adjust to the leader, great leaders adjust to those they lead. Here are four practical ways to adjust to those you lead: 1. Communication If you […]