Pressure and Shame from the Increasing Paradox Surrounding our Bodies

Joey Chestnut is the most dominant person in his field. People marvel at his ability and his dedication. He is consistently the national champion in the Nathan’s Annual Hotdog Eating Contest. He won again last year by downing 71 hotdogs (with buns) in ten minutes. 25 years ago, it took 20 hotdogs to win the […]

Three Warning Signs Your Life Is Drifting from Your Vision

Harvard business professor John Kotter has stated, “Behavior from important people that is inconsistent with the vision overwhelms other forms of communication.” If Kotter is right, and I believe he is, then a leader whose life does not match the vision being articulated nullifies the vision message, the website, the brochures, and the catchy slogans. […]

Leaders—Go Forth and Die

Robert Quinn, a leadership professor at the University of Michigan, has joined others in pointing out that the origin of the word “leader” means to “go forth and die.” In his book Change the World, he writes: Leadership authors do not understand that leadership means “Go forth to die.” If they did understand it, they […]

4 Reasons Great Leaders Struggle to Stay

Over the last several years I have had numerous conversations with great leaders who are struggling to stay in their current ministry assignment. Though not perfect, these leaders have faithfully led, have remained above reproach, and have enjoyed significant impact in their respective ministries. They are well respected, serve in churches that are generous to […]

When a Blessing Becomes Meaningless

In Ecclesiastes 1, Solomon declares everything to be meaningless. He boldly states, “Vanity of vanities, vanity of vanities. All is vanity!” Just as the Bible uses the language “King of kings and Lord of lords” to emphasize that Jesus is above every king and every lord, Solomon is emphasizing that everything is emphatically and utterly […]