“Christmas Makes me Sad/Glad” and 3 Reminders for Us Preachers

Christmas season tends to bring out emotions in all of us – some emotions of sadness and some of gladness. A recent Google search of “Christmas makes me sad” turned up 347 million results with lots of articles telling us why Christmas makes us sad. Psychologist Ken Duckworth commented “Holidays are a great example of […]

Merry Christmas From Genesis 3 (and 3 Reasons It Is Important)

The Christmas story does not begin in a manger; it begins in a Garden. Genesis 2 ends with Adam and Eve in perfect paradise where they “felt no shame.” Then after surrendering to the temptation from the evil one, they immediately feel shame, attempt to cover themselves with fig leaves, and hide from the Lord. […]

Christmas and the Jefferson Bible

Thomas Jefferson, as you likely know, served as our nation’s third president and was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. For that I am thankful. While many have credited Jefferson with saying, “The Bible is the cornerstone of liberty,” Jefferson’s view of the Bible and Jesus was made clear in what he actually […]