How NOT to Find a Mentor

The origins of the word mentor come from Homer’s Odyssey. When Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, went off to war, he entrusted his son to Mentor. Mentor taught and oversaw the son—Telemachus. In the Scriptures, we see examples of older leaders pouring into younger leaders. Moses invested in Joshua. Jesus invested in His disciples. Paul […]

Four Reasons You Need a Leadership Pipeline

To develop leaders on a broad scale, a leadership pipeline is important. A leadership pipeline aides in systematically and intentionally developing leaders. For example, Ram Charan, in The Leadership Pipeline, articulates six leadership passages along the journey of development, passages that leaders must experience to be fully developed: From managing self to managing others From […]

5 Current Church Views of “Discipleship”

I have been in many settings with church leaders where the question was posed, “What is your church doing for discipleship?” I am grateful that church leaders are asking questions about the church’s fundamental mission—making disciples. After all, a church can excel at anything and everything else, but if the church fails to make disciples, […]