Who Are the iGeneration and What Does Research Tell Us?

Boomers. Generation X. Millenials. You have likely read research and descriptions on each generation. While generational generalities cannot adequately or specifically describe individuals, generational names and descriptions endure because they are helpful in understanding the influences and the commonalities in a generation of people. Thus parents, ministry leaders, and educators are wise to pay attention […]

Seven Differences Between Motivating and Manipulating

Some have articulated that leaders need to motivate employees differently because of the infusion of millennials into the workforce. But that is only true if a leader has relied primarily on extrinsic motivation—on putting carrots or rewards in front of followers. Carrots work less and less because millennials are more intrinsically motivated than preceding generations. […]

Three Ways Millennials Make You a Better Leader

Some bemoan the inevitable—that millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) are becoming a larger section of the workforce. If you Google “millennials and work,” a plethora of articles will show up. Some affirm traits in millennials that contribute to a healthy work environment: creativity, technological savvy, or altruism. Others point to millennials and express […]

4 Reasons to Believe in Young Leaders

For a long time, I was the young leader. I took my first role on a church staff just before I turned 19. When I moved to Cincinnati to serve as student pastor, I flew into the airport and was too young to rent a car. I moved to Miami to serve as executive pastor […]