Before You Go, Check the Pull…

Leading in any context is challenging. You carry the burden of the people and the ministry or organization on your shoulders. Problems will hit your office. Not everyone will like the decisions you make. Or even how you make them. Not everyone will agree with the priorities you set, the direction you take, or the […]

Unfinished Ministry and the Lord’s Finishing

Ministry is never done. You never really “clock out,” because ministry never ends. The work of the church is never going to be over. These are phrases all of us in ministry have heard. And all of us have found them to be true. A mentor once told me to enjoy cutting my grass because […]

If You Have to Choose Between Clarity and Creativity…

Clarity and creativity are both admirable qualities. People seek both when creating a resource, when delivering a message, when leading a team, and when designing ministry strategy. Authors, artists, song writers, communicators, ministry leaders, and a plethora of other people desire for their work to be both clear and creative. But if you have to […]

12 Observations on the iGeneration

While the name iGeneration is not yet the agreed upon official name for those who are currently 6 to 23 years old, it is a sticky name that describes a generation that is growing up constantly connected, digitally native, and surrounded by screens. In her book iGen, Jean Twenge shares insightful research on the generation […]

Menus Create Church Consumers

For years church leaders have lamented church consumers, and rightly so. Church consumers treat their local churches like a country club; they have paid their fees and deserve a certain level of service in return. They threaten to join another club if things are not to their liking. Church consumers are not motivated by the […]

Ministry Leaders: When Values Collide, Make the Right Choice

Values don’t have to collide, but when they do, leaders must decide and declare which value wins. For example, a ministry can value excellence and leadership development. But beneath the surface the values can be at odds with one another. A children’s teacher struggles to hand responsibility to another because “it won’t be excellent enough.” […]

You Love Ministry More Than God If…

Ministry is thrilling. Yes, there are deep and painful challenges, but we get to see the Lord change people’s lives. Ministry allows us to enjoy a front row seat to people grasping the gospel, to people being sent out on mission, and to the beauty of Christian community. Yes, there are plenty of people who […]

What Are You Really Saying When You Call Something a “Sacred Cow”?

If you have been serving on the staff of a local church, you have likely heard and even used the phrase “sacred cow.” This was the topic of a recent Five Leadership Questions podcast, where I joined Todd Adkins and Barnabas Piper to discuss how to navigate “sacred cows” in ministry. As we began, we […]

3 Ways to Recognize Workaholism in Ministry

Ministry can attract workaholics because working non-stop in ministry can feel holy and attract applause. But being a workaholic in any role is never holy, and it always leaves one hollow. Families suffer. Relationships are harmed. No one wins. Ministry leaders, like all leaders, are prone to either laziness or workaholism. On your worst days, […]

4 Ways to Fight Laziness in Ministry


If it is true, as some pastors have warned, that “ministry can be a great place to hide out and a great place to burn out,” then ministry attracts both the workaholic and the lazy. Because all of us are prone to idolatry, we are likely more prone to one expression of sin than the […]