3 Things That Will Happen Naturally to Your Team This Week

Peter Drucker said, “Only three things happen naturally in an organization: friction, confusion, and underperforming. Everything else takes leadership.” Like a lot of his pithy statement, Drucker effectively captured the natural drift that occurs in organizations (and ministries) and the importance of leaders to rally people against the natural drifts. Just as a person does […]

The Great Commission and 3 Types of Churches

After Jesus walked out of the tomb alive and just before He ascended to heaven, Jesus gave His disciples authority to join His mission of reconciling people to God, people of all nations. Jesus commissioned His disciples, sending them out to make disciples. His words have been called the Great Commission: “All authority has been […]

4 Thoughts on Mission, Church, and Technology

Every new technology provides an opportunity for gospel advancement. With the Gutenberg press, the Scripture became more accessible. With the advent of the microphone and sound system, regular preachers without booming George Whitefield voices were able to speak the good news of Jesus to more people. With radio, Christians such as C.S. Lewis were able […]

5 Characteristics of Meetings That Develop (Not Deteriorate) the Team

Meetings can be used to develop the culture of the team, or they can be used to deteriorate the culture of the team. Meetings can be used to develop people, or they can be used to demoralize people. There really is no such thing as neutral meetings. They either develop or deteriorate. Here are five […]

4 Wins of a Consistent Mission Lens

It is one thing to have a mission and quite another to have a mission lens, where all activity is viewed through the lens of that mission, where all decision-making is filtered through the lens of the mission. It is one thing to have a mission hanging on the wall and another to work hard […]

5 Practical Ways to Drive Values Deeper

I recently met with all the managers and directors of the Resources Division at LifeWay, the division I am responsible to lead. We have nearly 650 employees in the division, and they all report to the leaders who were in that room. At the beginning of each calendar year, I remind our team of our […]

4 Ways to Work for a Boss You Don’t Like

Really fast disclaimer: I like my boss. A lot. I am really blessed not only to enjoy what I do but also to enjoy serving alongside whom I am accountable to. Work is so much more fun when you enjoy both what you are doing and whom you are serving alongside. I do get asked […]

3 Shortcuts Leaders Should Never Take

In a culture that values instant everything and struggles waiting for anything, shortcuts are all the rave. Hack has even become a buzzword for taking shortcuts, maximizing time, and getting things done more quickly. “Hack your schedule.” “Hack your calendar.” “Hack your leadership meeting.” “Hack your life.” I am not against all hacking as some […]

Coach Popovich and Three Types of Distractions Focused Leaders Abhor

Gregg Popovich is an incredible basketball coach. Year after year, under his leadership, the San Antonio Spurs compete for championships. NBA fans enjoy watching his in-game interviews because of his sarcasm and unpredictable responses. Here are some of Coach Popovich’s best in-game interviews. The reason for his short responses is, as you may have assumed, […]

Two Strategic Drifts in Churches and How to Address Them

Organizations and churches drift away from their identity and mission. Without constant care and godly leadership, drift pulls a church from her core message and mission. A church doesn’t drift into greater health or better focus. We drift as individuals in the same manner. We don’t drift into physical fitness or spiritual growth. We drift […]