2024 and the Sure Foundation for Your Times

The version of the children’s tale The Three Little Pigs that I heard growing up featured the big bad wolf eating the pigs who built their homes with straw and stick. I learned that not everyone grew up with such a grim version of the tale. In some versions, the pigs ran to the home […]

4 Reasons to Set an Exercise Rhythm for 2021

Lots of people will set exercise goals as a new year begins, and these goals can be good and useful. Goals can motivate and keep you going when you have discouraging moments or want to quit. But vastly more important than exercise goals is an exercise plan. Someone who has goals but no plan will […]

4 Ways to Set Effective Goals for 2020

It is a new year and many people will take time to set new goals or make new resolutions. Goals can be helpful as they cause us to evaluate our lives, consider what is important to us, and decide what changes we need to make. Setting goals has also proven to be fruitful, as research […]

4 Important Lessons From Marathon Runners About Your New Year Goals

As a new year begins there will be a lot of new goals set: physical goals about exercise or weight loss, financial goals about paying off debt or making more money, and relational goals about more time with loved ones. Setting goals can be very helpful because they force conversations about what is going to […]

Why You Should Get Overwhelmed in 2019

In his book Antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb distinguishes between fragile, resistant, and “antifragile” – a word he coins because there has not been a word to capture the opposite of fragility. Some things are fragile and break easily. Others are resistant and robust and are able to withstand pressure. But things that are “antifragile” don’t […]

3 Mistakes Leaders Make When Starting a New Year

Here is a typical scene the week after Christmas… A leader gets some rest, feels rejuvenated, and the burden to lead the team better in the New Year starts to grow. The leader reads a book, favorites a dozen blogs, listens to some leadership training on a variety of topics, and is fired up for […]

Two Options for the New Year: Optimism or Hope

The following is by Doug Hankins. Doug is the Teaching Pastor at LifePoint Church, an American church historian, and an author of Dawson Trotman: In His Own Words. Doug holds a PhD From Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  He blogs at doughankins.com. One of the most important tasks for any leader during a new season of […]