How Do You Invest in Your Family AND Work Hard in Your Role?

I am leading the pastors at Mariners Church through the classic book Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders. A few weeks ago, as we discussed his chapter entitled “The Leader and Time,” I shared some of the lessons I have learned about stewarding time and fielded some wise and insightful questions from our pastors. One of […]

5 Expressions of Cowardly Leadership

In his classic book Spiritual Leadership, Oswald Sanders lists courage along with humility, sincerity, and integrity as essential qualities for leaders. He writes, “Leadership always faces natural human inertia and opposition. But courage follows through with a task until it is done.” The antithesis of courageous leadership, of course, is cowardly leadership, where leaders lack […]

Five Time Stewardship Practices

The wise stewardship of our time is a very spiritual matter. The Lord has graciously given us a predetermined amount of time, and we are responsible to utilize it with wisdom. As Oswald Sanders points out in his classic work Spiritual Leadership, each of us has the same amount of time each day as the […]