Leaders, Pain and Beauty Seem to Go Together

I first started blogging because Thom Rainer, my former boss and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources, encouraged me to use a blog to encourage and help ministry leaders thus the vast majority of my writing was for them. But after a few years of blogging Chris Martin, who helps with my blog, surveyed all the […]

The 10 Commandments of Christian Leadership Development

When it comes to developing as a leader…specifically as a Christian leader, here are ten imperatives for development. Though not an exhaustive or infallible list, these challenges will help develop you as a leader. Follow first. Follow Jesus above all. Jesus is the One who transforms our character. If your love for Him grows cold, […]

Pete Carroll and the Pain of Leadership

During the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, some were speculating if Pete Carroll should be considered one of the greatest coaches of all time. He won multiple championships coaching at USC and was on his way to winning his second straight Super Bowl, a feat many deem almost impossible in the days of free […]