Kaye Geiger (My Wife) on Building Community for Pastor’s Wives

Church leaders often ask me about what we do for our pastor’s wives—how we connect them together and what that connection looks like tangibly. My wife, Kaye, has a huge passion for pastor’s wives, and she runs point on gathering them together and caring for them. Here is Kaye on how it works. Before becoming […]

Three Blessings of Being a Pastor’s Wife

Recently, I shared three common challenges of being a pastor’s wife. These were based on conversations my wife has had with dozens of pastors’ wives in recent years. She has also spoke with them about the great things in ministry, the blessings of being married to a man who serves the Lord in full-time Christian […]

3 Challenges of Being a Pastor’s Wife

Ministry can be hard on families. The constant burden of loving and leading a local church is taxing, and the pressure a pastor feels inevitably impacts his wife. In recent years, my wife has frequently facilitated groups for pastor’s wives. As she has interacted with them, she has found the three most common challenges to […]