4 Important Lessons From Marathon Runners About Your New Year Goals

As a new year begins there will be a lot of new goals set: physical goals about exercise or weight loss, financial goals about paying off debt or making more money, and relational goals about more time with loved ones. Setting goals can be very helpful because they force conversations about what is going to […]

The Most Expensive Cheesesteak in America and What to Do With Our Desires

Barclay Prime sells the most expensive cheesesteak in the U.S. While most cheesesteaks cost eight to ten bucks, this one sells for 120 dollars. The sandwich features A5 Wagyu beef, served on a sesame roll with truffle better, and topped with rich blend of Italian cheese. Some reviewers love it, claiming it is the best […]

Why You Should Get Overwhelmed in 2019

In his book Antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb distinguishes between fragile, resistant, and “antifragile” – a word he coins because there has not been a word to capture the opposite of fragility. Some things are fragile and break easily. Others are resistant and robust and are able to withstand pressure. But things that are “antifragile” don’t […]

What You Can Look Forward to on the Other Side of Being Overwhelmed

The cliché: “Don’t bite off more than you can chew” is unhelpful because it is good for a leader’s development to occasionally do so. The same is true with lifting weights. If you want your muscles to grow, you must lift heavier weight, and put your muscles under stress and pressure. If you lift the […]

3 Items That Should Be on Your “Stop Doing” List

The second law of thermodynamics revolves around entropy, the principle that things move to disorder and chaos over time. Left alone, things do not become more orderly or more effective. Your once well-ordered garage digresses to clutter. No matter how much you attempt to wish it into existence, your garage will not get more clean […]

Four Practical Ways to Avoid Burnout

After posting a blog called “Four Warning Signs You Are Approaching Burnout,” I heard from several friends and leaders who were struggling with burnout or felt they were headed in that direction. They wisely recognized warning signs in their lives and were committed to making adjustments. Self-leadership is critical. We must lead ourselves well, and […]

4 Questions to Plan Your Development

Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52). If we look to His development as an example, we will desire mental, physical, spiritual, and relational health. We don’t seek to grow in order to earn His love, grace, or favor. His perfection is already ours, already freely given […]

Mapping, Making, and Meshing in Ministry

In his book Die Empty, Todd Henry provides a helpful framework to plan, execute, and develop yourself as you work. He divides work into three broad categories: 1) Making: This is what many consider the actual work. It is the doing of the work. 2) Mapping: This is the planning of the work, the necessary strategic thinking that happens before […]

Be Fed, Then Feed

The Leadership Code is a book based on a leadership framework developed with consultation from renowned leaders around the world. The authors sought to discover the DNA of leadership by asking two basic questions: What percentage of effective leadership is basically the same regardless of industry, role, culture, situation, etc.? Of that amount (the percentage […]

Time Stewardship

A few evenings ago, I walked into Eden’s room to discover her piggybank was emptied and a dollar bill was lying on the floor in several pieces. I have been slowly teaching Eden about money and the stewardship of it, so obviously I still have some work to do. While we all know that ripping […]