An Annual Teaching/Preaching Calendar: How We Think About It

I recently wrote about the why of advanced sermon planning, and a question that inevitably emerges is, “How do you decide what to teach?” Or, “When you are planning a teaching calendar, how do you think about different approaches to teaching?” Three big thoughts guide how I think about a teaching/preaching calendar: Preaching and teaching […]

Why and How I Know What I Am Preaching 12 Months From Now

According to the teaching calendar, one year from now I will be preaching a message on wisdom and how we use our tongues from James 3:1-18 in a teaching series walking through the book of James. Yes, I know what I will be preaching a year from now. Here is why advanced sermon planning works […]

How Do You Plan the Annual Teaching/Preaching Calendar?

I shared recently some theological truths behind the practice of advanced sermon planning: God exists outside of time and metaphors in the Scripture about pastoral ministry include wisdom and intentionality. Planning a teaching calendar in advance gives the preacher more time for research, prayer, and receiving illustrations through the regular rhythms of life. By knowing […]

3 Theological Truths about Advanced Sermon Planning

Occasionally someone will ask a question that reveals a struggle with planning a teaching/ sermon calendar far in advance. Questions like: Question: How do you listen to the Spirit if everything is so planned out? Answer: My hope is to listen to Him through the whole process from planning, to preparation, and throughout every word […]

2 Inabilities of Position Papers in a Ministry Context

There is a growing importance for ministries, whether a local church or a Christ-centered non-profit, to develop position papers on key theological questions and cultural issues. The reality is that many doctrinal statements do not address some of the cultural issues facing ministry leaders today. Without articulated positions, it is challenging to offer clarity with […]

3 Reminders about Grace and Truth After Teaching on “Challenging Topics” 

I recently concluded a teaching series at our church called On the Table, where we put major questions Christians are often asked on the table. Some of the questions felt more theological such as “How can we trust the Bible?” and “Is Jesus the only way?” Some of the questions felt more cultural such as […]

A Discouraging Compliment to Receive After Preaching

One of the most discouraging compliments someone can give to me after I preach a message they loved is, “I am so glad you are preaching the gospel because you are preaching about __________ (insert a cultural issue).” The statement is typically delivered in a “it’s about time. I’m glad you finally got it together” […]

The Work Behind Teaching on God’s View of Gender Dysphoria

When I first became a pastor, I never expected to teach a sermon on gender dysphoria. The term was not in my vocabulary and the subject was not on my radar. In all my seminary classes, it was never addressed, and we were never taught how to think or teach about the transgender movement. Because […]

How Preaching Christmas Services Tests a Preacher’s Confidence in the Gospel

This week as Christians will gather for Christmas services, pastors are putting their finishing touches on their sermons. Preaching Christmas services can test a preacher’s confidence in the gospel. 1. Some people only come to church on Christmas and/or Easter. And preachers can be frustrated that “they only hear essentially the same message.” I have […]