4 Advantages of Advanced Planning for Sermons/Teaching Series

When I served as an executive and teaching pastor in Miami, I learned the benefit of planning sermons and teaching series months ahead. I don’t mean the entire sermon completely prepared, but a specific direction for a teaching series and a general direction for each sermon within the series. The advanced planning was not only […]

Three Ways Lateral Leadership Develops (and Proves) Your Leadership

When people speak, write, or think about leadership, they often are thinking about “downward leadership” and influencing people they oversee. “Upward leadership,” or effectively communicating to and fostering a great relationship with one’s leader, is just as critical and has crushed many talented leaders. Much more challenging than both “downward” and “upward” leadership is “self […]

Getting Hired: 3 Lessons from My Wife

My wife, Kaye, is an awesome teacher. And I am not just saying that because she is my wife (objective evidence: she was “teacher of the year” when we lived in Cincinnati). She is super-encouraging, creative, and passionate about helping children learn and become who they were created to be. When we started having our […]