4 Failings of the 60,000-foot Leader

Leaders are often encouraged to lead at 30,000 feet, which is a metaphor to lead above the daily grind and think further out, plan ahead, and navigate towards the future. Just as airplanes fly high to rise above the turbulence and above the clouds, leading at 30,000 feet allows a leader to rise above the […]

4 Problems with the Squeaky Wheel Approach to Leadership

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is an expression used to describe the reality that the most noticeable problem often gets the most focus. It can also be used to describe the loudest person receiving the most attention. It is a common expression because it is often how people live and lead. Leaders, problem solvers […]

Defining the Problems Leaders Must Solve

Without problems, there would be no need for leaders. Without problems, there would be no need for leaders to rally a group of people around a vision for a better future. Every effective change initiative and every compelling vision is a solution to a problem. Even in daily leadership, not only big organizational directions, wise […]

3 Types of Problems Leaders Face

John Maxwell has noted, “There is a difference between problem solving and problem spotting.” While we need people around us to point out problems, we benefit for them being on the solution side of the problem and not merely ones who make it their mission to uncover problems for other people to solve. People who […]

3 Small Ways to Initiate “Roving Leadership”

Last week, I blogged about two common hindrances to empowering others: insecure leaders and unhealthy expectations. Great leaders empower others. They practice entrusting responsibility and authority to others, to people Max Depree described as “roving leaders,” who transcend title and make great things happen. Instead of leading and executing everything, wise and biblically motivated leaders […]