12 of the Best Christmas Quotes

Movies and books can provide us preachers with some pithy Christmas one-liners or stories that illustrate the message of Christmas. For example, Buddy (played by Will Ferrell) in the movie Elf, declared, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” There is truth in that statement. As we sing […]

6 Important and Impactful Quotes from Leaders

I recently offered my five most favorite leadership quotes. They are not from modern leaders, writers, or thinkers but from leaders, theologians, and philosophers whose writings and sayings have endured the times. This is not to say that only old, dead thinkers have the best quotes. And to prove it, here are six important and […]

5 Favorite Leadership Quotes and Why

Leaders often use pithy quotes in leadership talks, staff meetings, or when framing strategic direction. The reason we are attracted to quotes is because they capture, in a succinct way, something we believe to be true and important. Below are five I have used many times. None of them are from current writers or thinkers. […]

Twenty Great Leadership Quotes

Here are 20 of my favorite leadership quotes. Some are statements about leadership, and others, such as quotes about people or culture, directly impact leadership. These quotes have made their way into talks I have given, meetings I have led, or things I have written. What makes a great quote? For me, a great quote […]