3 Thoughts on the Differences Between “Being Biblical” and “Being Political”

Here is a frustrating reality for a pastor during a politically polarizing time: when speaking about a social issue, the pastor can be affirmed for being “biblical” by people who are politically passionate about that viewpoint and then be accused of being “political” by those same people when sharing something that is contrary to their […]

Thoughts from Ground Zero of the Civil Rights Movement

Racism is appalling because God’s crowning creation, humanity, is devalued. All people are wonderfully created in the image of God. He loves all people. Only Christ’s righteousness qualifies us to stand before God—a righteousness He offers to all. Racism is deeply offensive to God because it attacks His creation and asserts that one can stand before God in something other than His grace. Racists reject the grace of God and sinfully believe the color of their skin qualifies them and makes them superior to others.

The NBA, Race, and the Church

The visceral reaction to the racism expressed by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is right and appropriate because Sterling’s comments were dehumanizing. Humanity, all of humanity, is the crowning work of God’s creation. God created, loves, and pursues the people He created—every single race and nationality included. One day, people from every tribe, tongue, and nation […]