3 Reasons Student Pastors Make Great Senior Pastors

First Baptist Church in West Monroe (First West) is a great church that has served North Louisiana well for a long time. A year ago they asked their student pastor, Michael Wood, to serve as their senior pastor. Not only were the people convinced of his character, as they watched his life for several years, […]

One Practical Reason Some Churches Struggle to Find a Pastor

In the last few years, several pastoral search teams at large and megachurches have asked me to offer insights I may have about the pool of candidates they are prayerfully considering pursuing to possibly become the church’s next senior pastor. And it has been fascinating to me that the lists are very similar. The same […]

A Constant Struggle in a Growing Church

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges leaders in growing churches face is the sense of failing to meet expectations, particularly of some who were in the church when the church was not as large as she currently is. Here are a couple of examples from recent conversations with church leaders: Example A: Some members of […]