How Do You Plan the Annual Teaching/Preaching Calendar?

I shared recently some theological truths behind the practice of advanced sermon planning: God exists outside of time and metaphors in the Scripture about pastoral ministry include wisdom and intentionality. Planning a teaching calendar in advance gives the preacher more time for research, prayer, and receiving illustrations through the regular rhythms of life. By knowing […]

3 Theological Truths about Advanced Sermon Planning

Occasionally someone will ask a question that reveals a struggle with planning a teaching/ sermon calendar far in advance. Questions like: Question: How do you listen to the Spirit if everything is so planned out? Answer: My hope is to listen to Him through the whole process from planning, to preparation, and throughout every word […]

“Saturday Night Specials” Versus When Pastors Really Prepare

Preachers talk smack and use slang too. For example, “sugar stick” is a sermon a preacher preaches over and over again in multiple places. If you are preaching in a new place, have a message you invested significant time and work into preparing, and it’s still fresh on your heart, it is appropriate to pull […]