Two Simple Ways to Reinforce Culture

Culture is powerful. Peter Drucker famously declared it more important than strategy when he said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Culture is the shared values among a group of people that drives their behavior. Every single organization has a culture; some are healthy and some are harmful. How do you identify the culture you are […]

5 Ways to Communicate Better

The following is a blog post by Philip Nation. Philip is the Director of Content Development at LifeWay. This blog post, which first appeared on the LifeWay Church Leaders blog, is particularly helpful. Communication is a key component to leadership. If you are communicating, then you are leading in some way. Here are five principles […]

Believing the Wrong Story

Earlier this year, a Japanese war hero died. His name was Hiroo Onoda, and he was a Japanese imperial soldier who fought in WWII. When the opposing military landed where Onoda was stationed, most of his colleagues were killed or surrendered. Onoda, however, fled with three other soldiers into hiding in the jungle. That was […]