“I Should Have Been Doing Most of What I Did as a Student Pastor”

I followed a living legend in Kenton Beshore when I became senior pastor of Mariners Church six months ago. I have enjoyed learning from Kenton and I look forward to learning more from him. He said something in a meeting the other day that resonated with me and challenged me. He was speaking about his […]

5 Reasons I Can’t Stay Away from Student Ministry

This summer has shown me that I can’t stay away from student ministry. I was honored to be the camp pastor at one of our FUGE camps and enjoyed spending time with students from my church family. Tonight Kaye and I are hosting a group of 12th graders from our church because, well, because we […]

3 Reminders About Students from “Youth Camp”

This summer I was honored to serve as camp pastor at Fuge Camps for a week. Fuge is one of our summer events for students and student ministries, alongside Student Life, World Changers, and P2 Missions. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve student ministries in their mission of making disciples. Student ministry is […]

3 Ways Student Ministry Drains You

I have essentially served in three roles over the last 20 years: student pastor, executive pastor, and now Vice President at LifeWay. In my role as executive pastor and as the leader of the Church Resources Division at LifeWay, I have interacted daily with student ministry leaders. In other words, student ministry has always been […]

Three Essentials in Healthy Kids and Student Ministries

A local church is wise to focus on ministry to children and students. And while the form and practice of that ministry may look different in various contexts and be guided by unique ministry philosophies, I believe there are at least three essentials in a healthy kids ministry and a healthy student ministry. 1.     Kingdom […]