Moving People Off the Team

Though the topic of this blog may be perceived by some as cold, I am posting this because leaders frequently ask me questions related to moving people off the team. Ministry leaders are responsible for the flock while also loving and caring for individual sheep. Tension arises when a ministry leader is confronted with a […]

Three Problems with Over-Quoting the Leader

In many organizations and ministries, people often over-quote their leader. Even in organizations where leaders involve others in decision-making, lead in community, and submit themselves to accountability, the over-quoting often occurs. It is an epidemic that lowers ownership, fosters disunity, and unintentionally creates the perception that the leader is leading in isolation. If I lead […]

Two Wise Approaches for Group Content

I recently shared research that demonstrated group leaders want direction for their groups. They realize that a wise discipleship plan would be helpful for developing the people in their groups over time. Sadly, many church leaders fail to offer one. Thus, their churches are filled with a lot of guys like Jason… Imagine Jason in […]