The Anxiety of (Perpetual) Yearbook Day

In his book Permission to Feel, scientist Dr. Mark Brackett cites research of interviews with 22,000 teenagers about their feelings related to school and 3/4ths of the words were negative: tired, bored, and stressed topping the list. He also cites a report by UNICEF that says American teenagers rank in the bottom quarter of developed […]

8 Reasons We Have Delayed (Even Further) Getting Our Daughters Phones

Four years ago, I wrote a post about the wrestle of giving a kid a phone, of social media among teenagers, and what Kaye and I were planning our approach would be with our daughters. Kaye and I were in the midst of reading and researching and talking with other parents. Our daughters were 10 […]

How One Change in Technology Changed So Much for Teachers (and Leaders)

Before we had kids, Kaye taught public school for eight years. When we found out we were having our first daughter, we decided she would take step away from teaching for several years. Her last day as a teacher (the first time around) was one day in June of 2007. The first iPhone was released […]

4 Thoughts on Mission, Church, and Technology

Every new technology provides an opportunity for gospel advancement. With the Gutenberg press, the Scripture became more accessible. With the advent of the microphone and sound system, regular preachers without booming George Whitefield voices were able to speak the good news of Jesus to more people. With radio, Christians such as C.S. Lewis were able […]

12 Observations on the iGeneration

While the name iGeneration is not yet the agreed upon official name for those who are currently 6 to 23 years old, it is a sticky name that describes a generation that is growing up constantly connected, digitally native, and surrounded by screens. In her book iGen, Jean Twenge shares insightful research on the generation […]

Four Huge Distractions in Meetings and How to Fight Them

Disengagement in meetings can quickly snowball. You have seen this. When a few people disengage in a meeting, others are soon to follow. One of the biggest culprits of disengagement in a meeting are distractions. Distractions can steer emotional energy, creative thinking, and collective wisdom away from the important matters being discussed. Here are four […]

The Power of New

I still drive the ’95 Nissan pickup truck my father and I purchased together my freshman year of college. The odometer reads 77,000 miles, but the odometer has been broken for well over a decade. The seats look pretty worn. There are scratches all over the side from my youth ministry days, hauling stages and […]