3 Dangers in Only Teaching Commands and Virtues

There is something very attractive in teaching people commands (you must do this) and virtues (you must be this type of person). I see the attractive temptation in my own life. On my worst days I just want my kids to behave, and I don’t think much about why they are behaving. On my worst […]

3 Ways To Finish Well

A great player on our team finished his time with us this week. Matt Capps, who served as The Gospel Project brand manager, is beginning his new ministry assignment as senior pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Apex, NC. I told Matt when we hired him from a church staff position that I would give […]

Gospel and Groups

When writing Christians living in Corinth, the apostle Paul emphasized the gospel as of “chief importance” and “what believers have taken their stand on.” They did not receive and believe the good news of Jesus and then move on to something else. We don’t “move on” from the gospel because there is nothing else of “chief […]

You Are Only as Strong as Your Foundation

Your ability to stand strong is based completely on the strength of what you are standing upon. My daughters make me nervous when they climb on top of something that is not sturdy, something that will give out and cause them to fall. Standing is really not about our ability but the strength of what […]