3 Ways to Identify Your Ministry Convictions

Most church leaders will claim they have a conviction to develop leaders and a conviction for biblical community—to help people grow together in community. But it is one thing to say you have certain convictions and quite another to display those convictions in your everyday leadership. If something is a conviction in ministry, you cannot […]

Don’t Blame Your Schedule For Your Burnout

The following is a post by Ed Stetzer. Ed is the Executive Director of LifeWay Research, an author, a blogger at Christianity Today, and the pastor of Grace Church. This was originally posted on the LifeWay Church Leaders blog. We live in a world that is defined by boundaries. Our roads are painted with them, […]

Time Stewardship

A few evenings ago, I walked into Eden’s room to discover her piggybank was emptied and a dollar bill was lying on the floor in several pieces. I have been slowly teaching Eden about money and the stewardship of it, so obviously I still have some work to do. While we all know that ripping […]