Navy SEALs and 4 Reasons Trust Is Greater than Performance

The Navy SEALs are known for their skill, valor, and effectiveness. They are generally recognized as one of the most elite teams of people in any discipline or field. What do the leaders of the SEALs look for in potential team members? In Simon Sinek’s new book The Infinite Game, Sinek describes the tool that […]

3 Benefits of Trust [When Leading]

build trust on your team

Trust is a prerequisite for leadership. People long for their leaders to be trustworthy, to be men and women of integrity. Ultimately people will not follow leaders they do not trust. They may execute tasks for a paycheck, but they won’t follow with their hearts if trust is lacking. If trust grows, so does a […]

4 Downsides of “This Is the Most Important Message Ever!”

If you peruse social media on a Saturday evening, you will likely see ministry leaders sending messages like “Tomorrow is the ONE Sunday you will not want to miss!!!” or “Best Sunday ever tomorrow.” Or maybe you have sat in church and heard a barrage of announcements, each one promoting an event “that will change […]

Does Your Team Trust, Respect, and Like Each Other (and You)?

The healthiest teams share mutual trust and respect and like each other. They trust each other, have respect for one another’s contribution to the whole, and enjoy each other. Because such a team is so healthy, those that the team is designed to serve benefit. If one or more of the three (trust, respect, like) […]

Trust in the Father

Jesus utilized children as an object lesson for true faith. He told the crowd of adults that they must become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 18:2–3). What was His point? What was He suggesting? Children are extremely trusting, often too trusting. When Jesus invited children to come to Him, they eagerly […]