5 Ways You (and the People in your Church) Will Grow This Year

When God wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32), God won Jacob to Himself by making Himself weak. In His love for Jacob, He withheld His power as even a slight touch to Jacob’s hip dislocated it. God has won us to Himself through weakness too. He emptied Himself, took on human flesh, and submitted Himself to […]

2 Reasons We Ignore Our Weaknesses Instead of Addressing Them

The common leadership counsel to focus on your strengths is wise, with one important caveat. Your weaknesses must be addressed and brought to an acceptable norm or they will overshadow your strengths. Yes, focus on your strengths, but your weaknesses cannot be so overwhelming as to debilitate your leadership credibility. In his book, The Leadership […]

2 Dumb Ways Leaders Deal With Their Weaknesses

Just as all leaders have areas of strength, all leaders also have areas of weakness. There is no such thing as an omni-competent leader. But what should a leader do with his or her weaknesses? Books have been written and speeches have been given encouraging leaders to focus on their strengths, to leverage what they […]

Leaders, We Must Face Our Shadows

Pete Scazzero recently joined us on the 5 Leadership Questions Podcast. Pete is the founder and pastor of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, and he speaks and writes on the importance of leaders being healthy. He mentioned the daily need for a leader to “face your shadow.” The metaphor is compelling. When we were […]

7 Reasons a Leader Feels Insecure

The following comes from Pastor Johnny Hunt. Johnny M. Hunt is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ga., and author of several books, including Building Your Leadership Resume. Since my mid-twenties, Pastor Johnny has been a role model and encourager to me. He loves the Church and loves pastors. I am grateful for his faithfulness, […]

A Debilitating Weakness

While I agree with the counsel and coaching for leaders to focus predominately on developing and utilizing their strengths, if a leader does not move a weakness to at least average, the weakness will become a debilitating one that overshadows the strong points of the leader. A debilitating weakness will cause the leader to lose […]